It's a Hip Hop Hip Hop World
For Every B-Boy and B-Girl
HIP-HOP Children's Book
Rap, B-boy, Beatbox, Breakdance, Spray Paint, Money Making, Black History
or many of us who was born between 1965-1984 Hip Hop had a huge influence on us growing up. By now, most of us have become parents and we may not listen to much of today's Rap Music. However, we have to admire the incredible affect Hip Hop had on us and the world in just a couple generations. Any art form that has the power to change the world that quickly must contains valuable lessons and powerful antidote.

The Story
Hip Hop B-boy and Hip Hop B-girl (Yes that's their names) have a problem, they are broke and it's not a joke. They know they can do so much more even though they are poor, they believe in themselves even if the world says no. 

They needed to express ourselves so we dug deep into our souls to reveal a culture that the world would forever know. 

The name of this culture is called Hip Hop

Now, they are on a mission to overcome poverty and change the world by harnessing the power of our Hip Hop art and culture.
Written in rhyming style
Features full landscape illustration
This book is a great bedtime story read
Kids enjoy the cool characters
Incredible story and awesome rhymes.

Book Features
Beautiful illustrations.

Hip Hop Swag.

Made for kids, designed to be loved by parents.
Written using advanced vocabulary for the child's development.
Big book (8.5 x 8.5 inches).
High quality print.
Vivid Colors
High Quality Paperback book
Book Benefits: For Children
  • How to overcome adversity.
  • How to use creative ideas to solve problems.
  • The power of believing in themselves
  • How not to be discourage by disappointment.
  • The concept that everything physical starts out being mental.
  • How to realize their desires through critical thinking and persistence.
  • The concept of creating value through their idea.
  • The importance of understanding business.
  • Hip Hop History.
  • The evolution of Hip Hop.
  • An example of African American history "black history" and cultural contribution to the world.
Kids are never too young to begin learning these lessons.
4.4/5 Stars with awesome customer reviews 
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So I bought and read this book Hedonism. It's a very provocative title and subject matter but highly misleading and suggestive it's basically clickbait and does not deliver on what it's subtitle says " destroying demonic sexual strongholds". The book does describe the problem (Demon possession of a sexual nature) extensively in its various forms but fails to describe any solution on how to destroy it beyond the old...believe in Jesus and it will go away.

Mac should be upfront that he is basically promoting Christian dogma. This is actually a Christian book so all you religious people will be very happy with the same old story of give your life to Jesus christ and then your life will be perfect if you don't your life will be a living hell.

My take on what the book is saying in short is: In order to get rid of outside spirit possession (Demon) you must invite a different spirit (Jesus) to replace it. So either way you are still possess either by "good spirit" or "bad spirit" either way you are still possessed by a spirit that is not your own. This is the irony of religious dogma... God gave you free will, just so he can have you turn around and give it right back. Make sense right?

In closing I would like provide an alternative:
Religion states that Demons are evil and Angles are good both created by God but humans are given free will to choose good or evil but the trick is not to be possessed by any Demon or Angel but keep your freedom be a good person or be a bad person it's your choice but be responsible for you own life don't get possessed by Jesus or the Devil.

Take personal responsibility for your own actions and be a free soul. The biggest questions believers ask is why did God let that evil thing happen? The preacher answer to this question is... God works in mysterious ways.

Well its not that mysterious after all "good" is relative "evil" is relative to your point of view what's good for you is bad for someone else sometimes so in the end there really isn't any good or evil there just is energy you can use it for good or evil it only matters to the people that it affects.

My advice: if you find yourself within the grips of a  spirit wife—also known as a succubus demon. Then the obvious solution is to divorce the bitch right away.

Potty training  is  new and exciting, definitely challenging, sometimes frustrating but huge relief once it's done. My son gave me the best gift he could give on his 2nd birthday and that was the gift of being fully potty trained. I was so proud I snapped a couple pictures that I will never post publicly especially after recently reading how grown kids are now suing parents for posting potty pics. Below are some of potty training tips that worked for me. 

Tip # 1 : The earlier you can start the better
My son would follow me in when I used the potty to use it as an opportunity to show them what it's all about. . 

Tip # 2 : Mentally prepare them
I believe being mentally prepared is more than half the battle. There are so many great videos of kids potty training on youtube so have them watch videos of potty training and sign songs about potty training. 

Tip # 3 : Get them excited to do it
After watching a bunch of videos of other kids using the potty and singing songs about it they are pretty much brainwashed and excited to try it themselves. 

Tip # 4 : Be prepared for ups and downs
Don't be surprised if they realize that it's not as easy as it looks and rebel against the whole idea of potty training. 

Tip # 5 : Patience is the key
Be patient and give them a break from potty training if its getting too stressful for parent or baby. I use to give my son a 1 week break when things started getting too intense. 

Tip # 6 : Be Consistent 
Consistency is the key, once you restart potty training be consistent set a schedule and stick to it. An example of a schedule is to take them to the potty every 15 or 30 minutes like clock work. Have them sit on the potty weather they need to use it or not. 

Tip # 7 : Keep them sitting 
Keep them sitting on that potty. Do whatever it takes to keep them sitting; sing, 123s, ABCs, bribery. 

Tip # 8 : Reward them
When the successfully use the potty reward them. I use to give my son raisins as a reward. They will always go for something sweet but I try to keep it healthy with raisins or fruits. 

Tip # 9 : Celebrate Success!
Celebrate, we did the potty dance whenever my son successfully used the potty he got a reward and we all danced around the potty, singing and chanting potty songs.  

I am the author and illustrator of Ata and the Magic Potty, A Children's Story Book About Early Potty Training. The book is available on amazon on kindle and in print. 

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I promise that this entertaining rhyming story for children and parents is an instant classic.

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Ata and The Magic Potty: A Children's Story Book About Early Potty Training

Ata, a smart and adorable toddler is curious about what he thinks is a new toy his mother has brought home for him called a Potty. 

He want’s to play with it but he doesn’t know how, his mother and big sister encourages him to take a seat and wait for the magic to happen. The idea of making magic happen entices the little guy but he is still a little scared and unsure about using his new potty. In the process of asking lots of questions and investigating his new potty Ata learns how to make the magic happen on his potty all by himself. 

The beautifully depicted illustrations and cute characters promises adorable fun and laughter along with a good bedtime story. Get your little one’s mind ready to tackle the new and exciting, yet sometimes challenging and frustrating venture of potty training. 

This entertaining rhyming story for children and parents is an instant classic. Available now on amazon 

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STEP 1. Make tattoos popular and cool.

STEP 2: Make piercings fashionable.

STEP 3: Make breast implants desirable. 

STEP  4: Normalize all forms of body augmentation through plastic surgery; lips, butt, breast to confuse male sexual attraction to desire unrealistic proportions, large breasts, tiny waist, voluminous butt, full lips, long straight fake hair, hair color, piercings, tattoos creating new idealized sexual object that a natural woman could never be born as.

STEP  5: Promote same sex relationships, make homosexuality normal, teach children gener choice and make sexual preference into a legally protected class.

STEP 6: Promote transgenderism male transition to female, female transition to male as a precursor to human transition to computer and computer transition to human. 

STEP 7:  Refer back to step 4; through plastic surgery now men can look like a "sexually desirable" female,  with 100% artificial female features.

STEP 8: Normalize wearable technology that interact with human biology first as wrist bands,headphones, contact lenses and virtual reality goggles then as artificially intelligent implants that feed biological data back to a cloud computer. 

STEP 9: Popularize artificial intelligence technology inside the human body, this technology is a two way communication channel allowing data to flow out and commands to flow into the human. Having the effect of remotely controlling human behavior and thought.  

STEP 10: Now that the holiness of human biology is dismantled there will be no resistance to the creation of human clones, human hybrid clones and widespread genetic experimentation.

STEP 11: Hybridize human and robotics cyborgs and artificial biological entities (ABEs)

STEP  12: Now that all biological life has been "chipped" an all seeing, all knowing computerized God head manages all of human and planetary actions providing order, eliminating war, starvation and creating a nirvana, peace on earth. 

The price?The sacrifice of human free will.

THE END! (Literally) 

1. Symbols
The most ancient form of communication, in ancient times it was Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics which were also spoken languages past down to man from his Gods. A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. Today symbols are most commonly used as logo's or emojis.

2. Language
Key to human communication spoken and written, past, present and future. It's difficult for modern language to explain old truths.

3. Mathematics
 Numerical knowledge of the highest kind with nine to the 9th power of 9 being the highest of supreme mathematics. Numbers hold the key to understanding the mysteries of the universe and unlocking the gifts of nature.

4. Science
Knowledge of the effects of environments, biology and chemistry upon each other. In the act of photosynthesis the sun is the source of all life maintenance on the earth the sun's rays warm the waters so the fish may swim the precipitation evaporates into the sky causing clouds that dissolve into rain moistening the earth so plants may grow from which all beings find food.

Knowledge of a solar (sun) system which is a part of a bigger galaxy everything moves in cycles measured from earth in relation to the sun and moon.

The combined makes up a culture which is the very life of the universe manifesting in human form.

7. Light
Untainted mystery to man. The sun is a source of light upon the earth while not pure it still maintains life on the earth. The sun's rays are the link between all living things and the universe. Dark skin hue absorbs sunlight feeding the soul while skin without hue reflects this light.  The light filled souls is preserved after a physical death these people are called soul people or sol (sun) people.

8. Vibration
The tool of creation which carries the power of thought manifesting into words, sound, images and physical things. The voice is a vibration, each living thing has a rhythmic vibration that is felt by other living things. The vibration of all life and the rhythm thereof is the continual breath of life of The Life Giver and therefore the act of creation.

Original thought also known as divine inspiration is a thought or idea that does not have its root in the known sources. Often times ideas are sparked by other ideas, people, places or the physical senses. However, at times ideas draw inspiration from outside the known senses such as those gained during dreams, meditation also known as divine inspiration.

Thought is a form of energy traveling as an electrical signal. It takes one second to form a thought. Each human has approximately 100 billion brain cells that pass commands to each other in a chain reaction out to the various parts of the body. Each brain cell is connected by a dendrite (Greek:branch) that acts like an electrical wire or High speed Internet cable to transfer commands. If thought is an electrical signal then it is possible to transmit it just like a radio wave.

Until recently telephone signals had to be transmitted through a wire but now cell phones do the same thing wirelessly . The same must be possible with thought. In the same way that cell phone technology were not available to humans until recently remote thought transmission is not yet available to humans but research shows that it's possible.  Search: "neuromotor prosthesis".

Though human science has not yet mastered this domain the ability is already available to those who realize it. We must first accept that thoughts, radio frequencies or even the shadow reflected from light is indeed matter then it becomes easy to acknowledge the logic of transmitting thoughts through time and space in much the same way that sound travels through space i.e. a satellite signal or the plight of sun rays to the earth.

The laws of physics has already established that a two dimensional (flat) matter exists if this is the case then surely a fourth, fifth and higher dimensions could also exists. Even the chemical process of solid, liquid and gas can be considered in terms of varying dimensional existence of the same substance. Chemistry and alchemy is the process of inter-dimensional shifting of matter.

The very composition of this writing is an example of the inter dimensional shift in the hierarchical process to manifest thought (a higher dimensional matter) into written word (a lower dimensional matter) In each mind lies two minds existing simultaneously, the conscious or primary mind and the sub-conscious or secondary mind. The secondary mind could be considered to be existing in another dimension. Perhaps this second consciousness interacting with the spirit is the relay point between inter-dimensional communication.  Thus, each person is like an antenna that connects to the signal emitted by the creation source.

Unfortunately, original thought is under attack and has been replaced in most people by popular regurgitation masked in individuality a form of mass hypnosis executed by the consolidated media to create hiveminds, and execute targeted Psychological Operations (PSYOP). The result is that most people don't even realize that most of the thoughts in their mind and the words coming out of the their mouth are mass produced opinions pretending to be their own.

The consolidated world media popularize viewpoints that are beneficial to a few powerful groups and mentally herd people like cattle to arrive at a predisposed public opinion thus making original thought even more rare.

Realizing this, some people turn to the internet to experience some form of uncensored content and express their own original thoughts and opinions. But as internet giants merge with the establishment to create a technological oligarchy their need to shape world views for their own benefit will soon outweigh demand for a free and open internet.

Meanwhile, technology grows towards it's preordained destiny to merge with human bodies. As wearables become implants the computer chip brain interface will literally kill original thought at its source ushering in the transhuman age governed by technocrats who can physically turn humans into zombies. But the worse part is that people will want to become zombies and they are already being desensitization to the idea though and onslaught of zombie movies and TV shows that subconsciously prepare people to accept the future that have been planned for them.


Population Control: Top 10 Methods Used To Reduce The Human Population

When you are dreaming can you always tell that you are in a dream?
In the dream-state can you tell that you are sleeping?

In most cases the answer is no! When you are living your non-physical existence in the dream-state your consciousness must intervene in order for you to realize that you are actually dreaming. Right?

And once you gain realization you risk completely waking up especially if its a nice dream and you don't want to be awaken yet.

When you are having an unpleasant dream and you call for your consciousness to wake you up, you awaken immediately. Then later after you have calmed down you return to your sleep to live out a different dream-existence. So in your sleep-state you have the ability to easily change change your destiny.

What is the difference between your dream-state and your awakened-state?

They are more similar than different when you really think about it. ..

In both states you are existing, in both states you can make choices, in both states you can change paths.

When you make a choice that you regret what do you do about it?

Let's say you make a really bad decision and you don't like the outcome. Do you ever imagine what would've happened had you made another choice?

Could you have made another choice?

Or was it your destiny to choose the choice you did?

If you were destined to make the choice that you did, then you didn't have a choice did you?

Which means you don't have any choices, right?

What if you could return to the path that you didn't choose would you?

What if I told you that I can?

That you can wake up from your awakened state. Yes, you heard my right, wake up even when you're already awake. In other words I  can change your path just like you change your dream.  And that the only thing that is required is your conscious choice to wake up from a any bad experience, real life or otherwise. Then at your convenience go back into a new, already in progress experience.

Do you believe me?

The funny thing is that in order for it to be possibly for you, you would have the first know that it is possible otherwise you won't even try.

What if I told you that when you awake and enter a new experience that it isn't new at all that its just another you traveling on the path from a previous choice that ended up in a different destiny, on a different time track?

That would mean all your choice are happening at the same time but it's you who can only experience one at a time.

What if it is true that time split into an infinite number of possibilities and each choice, the ones you made and didn't make all happened in some other time track?

Science, actually backs this point of view, the latest quantum physics theories such as Unified Field Theory, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory etc. are discovering this very thing. It gets even more interesting when you realize that their might be millions of you living simultaneously in different destiny's and if you die in one you may still be living in another.

In one life the child who you lost to a miscarriage in this time path was born in another time path. So you have a child in one and no child in another like in the TV show Fringe. Interesting right?

Or like in the movie: The Matrix; Agent Smith had the ability to merge himself into other beings within the Matrix. You can essentially do the same thing with another you who is having a different experience but they are all "You", living in all the destiny's that you created. You, as the Master Alchemist can decided which "You", you want to be at any given time. This all happens on the Mental plane, the "Master You" is the only one capable of manifesting your experiences in 3D.

If you are a sleep having a dream, day-dreaming, visualizing or imagining. All of these experiences begin with a thought. Once you give birth to this thought it instantly exist. Yes, even your imagined experiences actually exist.  Nothing exist outside of your mind and our collective minds. Once you consider the possibility it has already happened. If you never think about it, it will never exists. Everything you see around you, all physical objects had to be conceived inside someone's mind before it could manifest into a physical existence.

There are many levels of existence  the 3rd  dimensional existence is the physical one however, the 3rd dimensional existence is subservient to the higher realms of mental, spiritual, light, and other levels above and between. It is the power of your thought and your conscious decision to a desired experience that determines what you experience.

So how can you put this to use in your own life?

Consider the following example: You are in a job you hate, the pay is too low, you can't stand the people and the neighborhood is dangerous. You are so dissatisfied with things in your life that emotionally you are having a nightmare.  How do you wake up?

Do the same thing that you would do if you were in the sleep-state, your mind can't tell the difference anyways, all experiences are just experiences to the mind it doesn't discriminate among them real or imagined. So, you get to the point where you can't take it anymore and you are scared. If you were in the dream-state, the subconscious mind would handle it for you, your fear would trigger the appropriate chemicals to flow through your body until you wake up. But since you are already awake you have to use your conscious mind to wake up.

You need to first express the desire to have a new experience, create the type of experience you want by visualizing it, then strongly decide to wake up. The instant you make this decision you have already created a new time track pointing to the desired destiny that you want. All the events in your life from that point forward will lead you to your desired outcome unless you mess it up by not realizing what you have done and change your mind again, thereby, creating another destiny.

What is required is focus and concentration on the destiny you want. Then, you must have patience and allow time for the destiny to manifest in your time. Because we live in a society that is not conditioned for this type of power, we are conditioned to constantly relapse into undesired outcomes.

We are continuously feed with  stimuli that causes us to react counter to our own benefit. To combat this, we must continuously  re-enforce behaviors and habits we want to develop. Some type of repetitive practice, such as manifesting meditation, visualization, audio stimulus or affirmations is necessary.

A regime such as : 1. Create >2. Visualize>3. Write>4. Verbally Record >5. Replay/Re-read > 6. Dream> 7. Mediate>8. Know and Release.

An easy way to do this might be to train yourself to essentially live backwards in time, like watching a movie in reverse. So once you create your desired destiny live your existence from that point in your mind backwards. Since it has already happened you simply go through life watching all the events that has lead up to your destiny.

So in a matter of time you gain a new job, with higher income, nicer people and a new home in a safe neighborhood, if that was your desire. Or maybe you desired another outcome. It's completely up to you give it a try and let me know.

I discovered this some years ago and I have been doing it ever since everything I desired has already manifested for me some have already reached me here in the 3rd dimension, while others I am simply being patient awaiting the time-events to pass that lead up to the time-point where I exist. I live in the future experiencing time backwards. You should try it too but it's easier said than done.


As I sit oblivious, in the most public of places developing my embryonic God through silent meditation. I am suddenly disturbed  by the loud obnoxious Christian with her scornful look at life. The woman driven to convert all within ear's reach, shouts prophetic threats at  the people unlucky enough to be riding in the subway-car with her. My first reaction is a fantasy to slay her from afar with my spear. Then I laugh inwardly at the foolish woman forcing unwelcome belief unto the general public. Most passengers try to block her out as she continues to rejoice in her false hopes for wings so she can fly to heaven and look for Jesus. After my amusement passes I gain some sympathy for the woman as I realize the necessity of religion, let me explain.

While I am very much anti-religious  I am not an Atheist I must admit that the religious system of knowledge based on belief  within a faith structure continues to serve its true purpose; to introduce or start people on the path of true knowledge. The problem is that most people is unwilling to use their own intellect to move past this introductory level of knowledge and access the higher realms of wisdom, this is the trap of the Simpleton.  The problem is that not enough people are graduating from religion into true wisdom and understanding.

The Simpleton is unable to reach enlightenment and never realize that religion is only the beginning. Yet, it is unrealistic to expect people to go from a beastly superstitious existence or a meaningless material existence straight to enlightenment. Therefore, it is to be expected that the whole truth would be withheld in the early lessons. Just as one would not expect a child to fully comprehend advanced mathematics and Science so only the fundamentals are taught to them until they are deemed ready to move on to the next level.

For example: 1+1=2 yet the effects of negative numbers and fraction of numbers are not taught until much later as not to confuse the beginner.

Similarly, advanced knowledge is withheld from the Simpleton by the High Priests. Instead the High Priests simplifies to provide a portion of knowledge that can be easily understood by the Simpleton.
The employer of the High Priests, the religious institution gains much power by manipulating the Simpleton so they are not motivated by an reason to provide higher levels of instruction on spiritual matters. They offer a basic consumable product for the masses in much the same way as a fast food restaurant offering 5 value meals. The common man feels he must chooses from one of the top 5 religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

Therefore,  only if the Simpleton forge their own desire for enlightenment can they be driven to seek the truth and cross reference the knowledge he has been taught by the religions, the failure of which benefits the Church by creating dependence and thus control over the Simpleton using the dualities of reward and punishment, God and Devil, Good and Evil the Simpleton remains stuck with an elementary spiritual education.

If advanced knowledge is achieved and wisdom is gained the Simpleton becomes Enlightened. The Enlightened has no need for religion and sheds it like a skin since he has surpassed the levels therein.

Allow me to provide an metaphor so the Simpleton can understand:

A man needs good shoes to protect his feet from the harsh ground, since he has no knowledge of the shoe making he wisely decides to buy his shoes from a shoe store. The man is happy and satisfied with his shoes. After many years of wearing mass produced shoes and various pairs he begins to notice the imperfections in the fit because of the uniqueness of his feet. So he begins to think about what is good and bad about his shoes and how he would make a pair customized to fit his own feet.

The man decides to takes the next step and begin to study the art of shoemaking and soon figures out how to make a pair for himself that fits his feet perfectly. However, he would've never even had the idea if he had not used the mass produced shoes first.

In much the same way religions of the world is the default starting point for most knowledge seekers but eventually the wise will have to leave religion in order to attain true Enlightenment. Yet still, it is the most likely starting point.

To the Enlightened religion is but a speck of light among a vast sky full of stars all of which compose on enormous point of light that is the Universe.  It is from this perspective that I took my earlier anti-religious stance explained in this post . However, each person can only access the wisdom deserving of their own level of wisdom and while religion is useless to the Enlighten it is useful to the Simpleton and it is a path through which the Simpleton can become Enlightened.

Definition: *Simpleton: Common or simple human easily confused by complexities The unwise. Requiring life's mysteries to be simplified.


Moving Religion Out The Way So We Can Master Our Own Destiny

Today more than ever corporate greed grows daily to turn jail cells into cash cows. 

Every Corporation dream of creating the perfect product one that cost nothing to make but generates endless profits. No product comes as close to this ideal than slave labor and since slavery was outlawed the closest thing  to it is prison labor.

Begin News Summary--

Judge Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling "Kids For Cash"

Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr and his partner in crime Judge Michael T. Conahan was convicted in a “Kids for cash” scheme where they accepted  a reported $2.6 million in payments from two private, for-profit youth centers for the detention of juveniles, in return for imposing harsh judgments to increase the number of residents in the centers.

Furthermore, the detention centers are owned by a Mr. Greg Zappala, brother of Pennsylvania District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and son of former state Supreme Court Chief Justice. Judge Ciavarella  was convicted in 2011 of racketeering and other charges, and sentenced to 28 years in prison. Judge Conahan, was sentenced to more than 17 years behind bars. The prison builder Robert Mericle, pleaded guilty for his part in the plot and was sentenced to a year in prison. The victims and their families have also won millions in judgments from Mericle and Powell’s companies. (Source:

End News Summary--

The  "Prison Industrial Complex" is an actual industry and the products of this industry are prisoners the entire justice system is committed to keeping human body's flowing through the prison supply chain.

According to the BJS there were 6,899,000 adults under correctional supervision (probation, parole, jail, or prison) in 2013 – about 2.8% of adults (1 in 35) in the U.S. resident population with an additional 54,148 juveniles in detention. About 50% of prisoners are are non-violent offenders.

The private for profit prison industry has enjoyed rapid growth, the 3 largest private prison companies generate about $1.7+ Billion/year  in revenues each. Corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Victoria Secrete, Proctor and Gamble, Starbucks, AT&T, Aramark, Marriott, Toy r us, Jan Sports Gear, TWA, Honda, Nordstrom’s and Target are just some of the companies that profit from the prison industry by exploiting prices or directly utilizing prisoners to manufacture their products.

Prison labor perform a number of jobs such as  making circuit boards, waterbeds, and cars, raising hogs, slaughtering Animals for meat. Prisoners may even work the night shift stocking shelves, packing and shipping software, making military uniforms, telemarketing, making airline reservations, or doing graphic design.

Prison workers make about $1.30/day working a 40 hour work week.  Companies get their money back by selling products to prison and prisoners while lending prisoners money to pay for products they can't afford such as health care, shoes, legal fees and prison fines. Many prisoners are released thousands of dollars in debt  with little hope of finding a job. But, if they don't or can't pay back the loans from prison they go right back into prison for further exploitation exactly as the corporations want. Prisons enjoy a 64% recidivism rate.

Private prisons present a huge conflict of interest because corporations need excessive sentences for nonviolent crimes and mass incarceration to keep profits fat and make sure the prion experience creates a career criminal instead of correcting behavior private prison get paid if they make criminal behavior worse.

This is already the perfect product but to make the deal even sweeter  the state and federal governments guarantee the number of people that will fill up the jails even if crime goes down taxpayers must still pay for a full prision.

So while young guys in the projects of America  think they are hustling on the streets the system is actually hustling them. Department of Corrections have built a billion dollar industry with them as the product.

In 1980, about 500,000 Black Males attended some kind of college, vs. 100,000 who were attended by some kind of prison guard. In 2000, about 600,000 Blacks attended some kind of college while nearly 800,000 were incarcerated that's nearly 40% of the prisoner/products.

This created an opportunity for the government and their buddies in the multi-national corporations: Let's pay private companies to build and manage big Prisons in a Little Town all across America for job creation. 

Now in ever boondock town and county like Allenwood, PA , Upstate New York, Browne County, Illinois Walker and Anderson Counties in Texas Kings County in California, towns in Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Washington, D.C are all filled mainly with young Black and brown people. There is nothing else in these towns. Everyone in the town works in the prison and the Government gives the town grants and subsidies for keeping the prison in their town that adds up to millions of dollars.

If the prison were not there, then the whole economy of the town wouldn't exist. See, the prison system requires a lot to keep operating, someone must build and maintain these prisons, so construction, management and security companies make millions off the prison. Someone must feed the prisoner etc. So, More Prisoners, More Money! So who says that slavery is over?

Do you invest in the stock market? Take a look at these prison stocks.

  1. Corrections Corporation of America (CXW)
  2. The Geo Group (GGI)
  3. Cornell Companies (CRN)
  4. Corizon - Prison health care company (CEO Rich Hallworth gets paid $1M/year Salary)

Meanwhile, back on the street corner, the police must keep these jails filled, so the Police Trade Union, all the police and court officers, county employees, contracted corporations and subsidiary agencies can continue to make their salaries. Lawyers, Judges and Clerks have kids to send to college. So, the product must continue to flow this is why the City continues to hire more Cops to capture more inmates and the prison industry continues to expand.

The same people who build and operate the prison system also operate the public school system, so they must plan ahead. Do they invest in more jails or more schools?

So what should we do about this crime against humanity? How can we stop the advance of the anti human agenda?'

 Join me in the call for the immediate release of all non-violent offenders and for the decriminalization of all drugs.  Let's divide the courts into two categories Violent and Nonviolent all nonviolent offense go to civil court and all violent offense go to criminal court. You shouldn't even stand a chance of going to jail unless you hurt someone physically. Put a stop to mass incarceration like we put an end to forced slavery and let's bring forth a humanist society. Justice Department...end the use of private prisons now.


Anti Police: If You Are Anti Police Brutality Does That Mean You Are Anti Police?